Internships and Career Opportunities

Completing an internship or research experience is highly encouraged in FSU’s Interdisciplinary Data Science Master's Degree Program. The curriculum design allows students to pursue such opportunities to hone their job skills during the summer term.

Program faculty have taken steps to ensure a wide range of internships are available for students across FSU's academic and strategic areas. These internships will enhance students' experience training on real-world datasets while helping them analyze and extract information from datasets integral to their research and activities. Academic areas include neuroscience, physics, political science, psychology, engineering, medicine, and the DeVoe L. Moore Center. Students will also benefit from collaboration with FSU faculty and administration staff participating in the Big Health Data Initiative and Information Technology Services. These opportunities may take the form of internships with or without pay.

FSU’s established track record of placing students from current graduate programs into competitive internships highlights the scale and prestige of opportunities available to IDS students. Local companies in Tallahassee, including NewSci, Datamaxx, and Ruvos, have already hired FSU students and have committed to supporting summer internships. Nationally, graduate student interns have been placed in competitive internships at various companies including ALFA Insurance, Amherst Insight Labs, Apex International Financial Engineering Res. & Tec. Co., LTD, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclay’s Capital, Bloomberg, BNY Mellon, China Futures Co., LTD, CitiBank, Eli Lilly, Everbright Securities Co., LTD, Federal Home Loan Bank, Global Client Service Delivery, Google, Johnson Controls, Liberty Mutual, Merck, Microsoft, Ned Davis Research, Inc., Northwestern Regional Data Center, Portin Investment, Sanofi, Sony Research Center, Southern Company, Southwest Georgia Farm Credit, Siemens, Travelers Insurance, Wells Fargo, and Yahoo! Inc.

In addition, IDS students have direct access to the FSU Career Center for mentorship and networking opportunities and personalized career advising during their programs and after graduation.

NoleNetwork Job Board

NoleNetwork, from the FSU Career Center, links students and alumni directly with hiring employers and Career Center programs. Whether you’re looking for relevant experience or preparing for life after graduation, NoleNetwork allows you to view and apply for full-time jobs, part-time jobs and internships; schedule mock interviews; view registered employees for Career Center events; and sign up for on-campus and virtual employer interviews.

Check out the NoleNetwork job widget below for a feed of opportunities available specifically for College of Arts and Sciences students and alumni.

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